Earthquake in Central Italy

Our post-earthquake intervention plan.

Hope’s humanitarian programme and intervention strategy developed to bring help to the weakest strata of the population hit by the earthquake in the Marche region, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo, is based on the principle that “school and business are the two contexts in which life can get back on track”.


Alongside its activity for the reconstruction of anti-seismic school infrastructures, Hope is implementing an innovative post-trauma programme in the local schools, providing ongoing support on a monthly basis through a series of targeted interventions based on educational and multidisciplinary activities.

This initiative is aimed at children, students, and teachers that were hit by the earthquake and is carried out with a scheduled programme delivered to the beneficiary schools throughout the school year.

With a team of psychologists, educators, art teachers and coaches we operate adopting the Hope Labs pedagogical model, transferring training methods, experience, and competence values to the beneficiaries across 11 locations, with more than 3.350 students helped in 28 schools hit by the earthquake. These interventions are paired with two specific actions aimed at promoting the students’ skills: scholarships and twinning projects to activate e-learning courses for students and teachers.

By setting up computer labs equipped with computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards in the new anti-seismic school buildings, Hope wishes to improve the educational offer and strengthen the interconnections with other schools across the area along the South/North axis.

Besides its work in schools, Hope also helps those local entrepreneurs who although having suffered great damage have decided to remain in their region. Hope in fact promotes and distributes products produced by these local companies that are determined to get back on track.