International Marathon.

Sport as a project activator.

Sport is about participation and sharing, uniting people and communities overcoming differences towards a common goal. It provides an opportunity to learn discipline and strengthen self-confidence, and channels key values such as tolerance, respect, and cooperation. Sport is an effective tool encapsulating passion, perseverance, loyalty and team spirit: all values that constitute the essence of humanitarian commitment.

Run for Hope is a programme based on the participation in a number of important national and international marathons open to amateur and professional runners. With their shorts and running shoes, our Ambassadors make Hope known around world participating in the Milan Marathon, Jerusalem Marathon, Paris Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

Marathons are events that can reach a large number of people and can be potentially considered as public education and social mobilization programmes. Anyone can be the protagonist of Run for Hope: all you need to do is run 42,195 km or either share the thrill of the race with your friends by choosing one of the shorter routes.


Determination and enthusiastic and consistent training are key. The Run for Hope challenges strengthen, motivate, and inspire more and more people every year. They help develop and promote individual values and abilities, bringing them into play to support a humanitarian cause.

Hope Runners are promoters and supporters of Hope projects for women and children. By racing they collect valuable financial resources that are then used towards specific interventions in co-development programmes.

Run for Hope, you can make the difference!