Nebek nursery school.

A safe haven for conflict-affected children.

The civil war that broke out in Syria in 2011 knows no respite. In seven years of conflict, the humanitarian crisis has reached immense proportions, the population has been decimated and millions of homeless have been displaced. Some areas of the country were more severely involved in the conflicts, but the local population was unable to escape.

Nebek is an ancient village north of Damascus which, like many other Syrian cities, has been almost destroyed by bombings. The city is historically characterized by a peaceful coexistence between the Christian and Muslim community which, despite the ravages of the war and the complex interreligious situation, has been maintained in everyday life.

For the Syrian community, the Qalamun Nursery School, located in the heart of Nebek, has always been a safe haven for children and families of different religions and ethnic backgrounds.

Damaged by bombing, it required immediate action to accommodate a great number of children who had no other place to go. The Nursery School was at risks of not being able to offer its services any more.

Hope intervened to renovate, restore and secure the Nursery School buildings, also providing the indoor and outdoor spaces with adequate furnishings and pedagogical equipment.

In parallel, Hope set up a targeted training programme for teaching staff and educational operators, aimed at overcoming the traumas of war that afflict children and families in these territories. The activities are carried out in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, through on-site theoretical training and an innovative remote e-learning programme.

Hope completed the renovations and the training programme for teachers and parents.