Our daily mission is restoring hope to kids in difficult circumstances. Hope operates through co-development programs in the health and educational fields to protect children at risk. It carries out innovative models of intervention which fosters effective and sustainable paths in response to the needs of the beneficiaries.


    Hope uses operative model belonging to profit sector in order to realize humanitarian programs. It responses to direct requests for help and specific needs of hospitals, orphanages, schools, kindergardens, reception and rescue centers by implementing processes of valorization and consolidation of local capabilities.


    Hope sustains who, in daily life, puts above the value of a person, of dialogue and co-existence to differences of religious belief, ethnic affiliation and socio-economic status.

    Every projects encourage an active involvement inspired to the values of solidarity, shared responsibility and sustainable development. What drives Hope is a passion to fight inequalities and to provide concrete opportunities to the most vulnerable; Hope earns the trust of the beneficiaries, by caring about their value and by delivering specific solutions at the service of people in need.


      Hope was founded in 2006 by Elena Fazzini, who involved voluntary specialized professionals to offer passion, expertise, competence to children in need, in order to meet specific needs and to build sustainable solutions.