Hope uses operative model belonging to profit sectore and it puts them into practice in order to realize humanitarian programs.


Hope operates in the specific areas of education, health and culture within multi-ethnic and multi-religious contexts. It uses the expertise of Italian and local highly specialized professionals. Hope identifies the best practices of education, health, socio-economic programs and offers them to the beneficiaries, by facilitating processes of valorization and local capacity building. Hope builds an operational strategy which is coherent to the specific action of co-development programs. Hope always promotes effective and sustainable solutions in order to satisfy the beneficiaries needs.


Hope initiates processes of social innovation through the application of a methodology which raises the quality of the responses to the different needs by identifying project solutions capable of creating value and results of an immediate social impact.
Hope develops pilot projects which can be replicated within cultural and social context which, although different, are characterized by a common history and culture.

Innovative models of intervention create real and lasting opportunities for an improvement of living condition, by providing guaranteed social impact that promotes the protection of children and women. Hope has already developed replicable projects which are becoming best practices and network educational protocols implemented in Italy and in the Middle East countries.

Centrality of the individual.

Hope focuses each project on the unique value of the individual and its potential. Education and health programs are inspired by the desire to valorize the individual, to establish a harmonious, positive and privileged relationship with the local community in order to promote an active involvement, inspired by values of subsidiarity, responsibility and sustainable development. The person is accompanied by Hope Team towards self-discovery and recognition of potentialities, competence and personal resources. Each project is conceived as a practical instrument to promote this awareness and it creates an individual impact capable of generating a positive change.


Hope’s operating model pursues sustainable development through a continuous process of valorization of the fundamental dimensions of environmental, economic and social sustainability.
Hope manages the financial resources to ensure the best balance between the result and the investment. It pays particular attention to the identification of control mechanisms which make it possible to gradually accompany the local partner to become autonomous in the management of the realized program
By working directly with the local community in which it intervenes, Hope builds with it a sustainable program, while respecting and promoting its identity and uniqueness.